Annual Conference Packet

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Disability Ministries Committee 2024 Annual Conference Disability Display Materials

Greetings in Christ!  The Disability Ministries Committee (DMC) has been busy this year, trying hard to equip you with relevant materials to help congregations welcome persons with disabilities for full participation in their ministries.  We launched a new, reorganized website, retaining the address so you can easily find us.  However, you may need to use the following URL for your conference disability ministries webpage:  Please check to ensure that the current link is not broken!

We updated every document we moved to the new site.  We identified gaps and wrote new materials to fill them.  The following are documents you can share at your Annual Conference Disability Ministries display table, or in whatever format you choose to communicate.

Accessibility: (Found in theResources – Accessibility & Accommodations” section):

Anti-ableism: (Found in the “Resources – Attitudes and Interactions” and "Worship Planning" sections):

Engagement and Communication Tips:  (Found in the “Resources – Specific Disabilities” section) These offer a more empowering approach than the previous “Disability Etiquette” handout. The following are new:

Mailing list:

Brochures and Stickers available:

Please let us know if you would like DMC brochures and stickers (up to 50 for smaller conferences, up to 100 for larger conferences) to distribute at your display, the number needed, the date needed, and a mailing address.  Supplies are limited and requests will be filled in the order in which they are received. 

For more information: please contact us at